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August 25, 2020

Monday 24th August, a little bit of extra flow and colour so I fished the field above Lodge Farm up to the Sewage Farm in the evening. Plenty of fish showing and feeding off (I think) aphids being blown from the trees – but I couldn’t catch them whatever I tried. I ended up with […]

August 11, 2020

Tough going today: hardly any water in the river and the thermometer not too far off 30C. I fished from about 50m below the sewage works up to the broken bridge – around 3h. Fish were rising but they were picky. Managed four little ones on an olive emerger, having worked my way through a […]

July 16 2020

Fished the bottom of the beat for a few hours from about 11.30 am today, starting 60m or so downstream of the girder bridge. The water is very low – 0.19m on the gauge – and few fish rising. I was fishing a couple of weighted nymphs. Hooked a couple of 7″ grayling early on […]

July 13 2020

13th July, this 14″ fish took a CdC olive below the dam. Colin Abbot

July 12 2020

Fished the river last week, first proper day on it this year. Started below the weir with a hares ear nymph. Had four fish from this section including one from the weir pool itself.  Water fairly low, lost one really good fish which I saw take the nymph below the weir pool, I was a […]

Avoiding the blank!

Not News exactly, but some timely reminders from club member Nicholas Fitton on some things to think about on those days when the fish just aren’t co-operating… I. Dry fly – What size of fly? Match hatch with GRHE, Greenwell, Klinkhammer, Cul de Canard, Sedge, Black Gnat, Knotted Midge or use an attractor, e.g. Wulff, […]

June 25 2020

A nice 12″ fish, one of eight caught on 22nd June at Crow Wood and above on a John Storey. Colin Abbot Fished 15 May on top field with black griffiths gnat and black klink, four fish to half a pound; and on 8 June above farm on black klink, one fish half-pound-plus. Dave Rowe

June 22 2020

I fished Saturday, walked some of the bottom stretch as I hadn’t fished it before. Had a couple of fish but mainly just wandered as saw very few risers. Went up to the top started at the farm fished for about three hours. Had well over 20 on a size 18 iobo , had another […]

June 16 2020

Two hours yesterday evening at the top end of our water, parking at the sewage farm and fishing the ‘big bend’ round the field towards the old railway bridge. The river was in fine condition after the recent rain with plenty of fly life coming off – including some Danica Mayfly. Managed to catch five […]

June 15 2020

Fished for four hours today, starting about 100m downstream of Lodge Farm bridge. Perfect conditions, mayfly coming off and fish rising. Had nothing for nearly two hours! Then, once around the corner above Lodge Farm fish started taking a size 12 mayfly emerger. Over the next two hours I had 20 fish to hand, several […]

June 11 2020

A lovely wild fish river. A rarity and a treat. I fished on Sunday 7th June, river coloured and rising. As I came to a pool between sewage works and the farm there was a huge disturbance in the pool and a large otter surfaced gripping a trout which it crunched loudly, saw me and […]

Boosting our grayling population

John Shannon In 2018 and in 2019 habitat improvement work was undertaken on the river Seven which entailed increasing in-stream habitat and reducing the tree canopy to stimulate aquatic invertebrates and provide a more diverse flow regime and add to in-stream habitats on both the Seven and Sinnington clubs’ water. As part of the long-term […]

June 10 2020

This was the best of a dozen fish in about 3 to 4 hours fishing. Fish came on small F fly , IOBO’s.  One came on a mayfly but they weren’t really taking them. Mainly size 18 flies on a 12ft leader.  With some ninja style wading –  difficult for an old fat bloke. Andy […]

June 9 2020

Caught this one a couple of weeks ago on CDC emerger size 20 my own tyings, 3 pound Stroft tippet, #3 DT line Hardy Demon 8’ rod. It was up towards the bend before broken bridge I think; caught a few more. Mayfly were there but fish were still on small dark olives. Philip Booth

June 1 2020

Fished for three hours from 11.30am, starting half way up the field upstream of Lodge Farm bridge. Mayfly were coming off but fish were rising only sporadically. The water was low and clear and the sun was very bright (those are my excuses anyhow). It was tough going. Managed to get quite a nice one […]

Fishing Report 1

Had a couple of hours working up from almost the bottom of the beat to the weir, mid-morning. The water was low-ish but not too bad. Saw very little in the long stretch up to the bridge. Had a couple of takes in the far bit of the swirl coming out of the fish farm […]