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Boosting our grayling population

John Shannon

In 2018 and in 2019 habitat improvement work was undertaken on the river Seven which entailed increasing in-stream habitat and reducing the tree canopy to stimulate aquatic invertebrates and provide a more diverse flow regime and add to in-stream habitats on both the Seven and Sinnington clubs’ water. As part of the long-term Fly Life initiative measurable improvements have been recorded on both waters. This led to an application to the EA fisheries team to support the work and try to address the perceived shortage in grayling recruitment. The EA approved the application for grayling to be stocked after the improvement works were completed. This has led to a three-year stocking programme for both clubs of approximately 5000 Grayling per year. The second stocking was carried out on the 10th of June 2020 by the EA starting in Sinnington village and introducing further fish up stream past the quarry. This was carried out in order to ensure that the juvenile fish will drift down as is their habit if they had hatched in the wild. A further stocking will be carried out next year to complete the three-year programme. The recording of all catches of all species and sizes is imperative in order for the stocking to be evaluated if any further support from the EA be sought in the future.


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